Design Your Neighborhood

Design Your Neighborhood is a program for high school students that engages them in the education and application of urban design as it relates to their neighborhood.  It is modeled after the Nashville Civic Design Center’s intensive 4-week summer camp that was funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).  With the success of the program in Nashville, we want to take the key elements of DYN and share it with anyone interested in using it.

Once students know the importance of urban design and civic engagement in community building, it changes how they react to the environment around them.  The program is designed so students learn about urban design in an engaging and interactive way, and have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to a design project for their own neighborhood. 

Through the education and application of urban design, students develop a variety of skill sets including mapping, collaboration, drawing, and problem-solving.  They also learn about a variety of careers that relate to the civic design of a city.  As students develop this knowledge and skill set, they become empowered to change their community as they now have the tools necessary to inform their voice and express their opinion.