Design Your Neighborhood

Design Your Neighborhood is a program for high school students that engages them in the education and application of urban design as it relates to their neighborhood.  It is modeled after the Nashville Civic Design Center’s intensive 4-week summer camp that was funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).  With the success of the program in Nashville, we want to take the key elements of DYN and share it with anyone interested in using it.

Once students know the importance of urban design and civic engagement in community building, it changes how they react to the environment around them.  The program is designed so students learn about urban design in an engaging and interactive way, and have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to a design project for their own neighborhood. 

Through the education and application of urban design, students develop a variety of skill sets including mapping, collaboration, drawing, and problem-solving.  They also learn about a variety of careers that relate to the civic design of a city.  As students develop this knowledge and skill set, they become empowered to change their community as they now have the tools necessary to inform their voice and express their opinion.

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Allison Plattsmier

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Melody Gibson

The NCDC has launched a campaign to raise money for resources to make the Design Your Neighborhood program available to students across the country and the world. As participants of the program, your first hand experience can be very valuable to the campaign. Check out the link, and help us spread the word!

Grant students from around the world a chance to advocate for change in their communities. | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!

Allison Plattsmier

Hey! I'm doing a project on Edmondson Park and I would love to interview as many of you as possible to get your perspectives on the revitalization project and how the park fits in to the community. It will just take 15-30 minutes of your time. Please let me know if you can help!

Kristen McDaniel

Hi all: I work at the NCDC and wanted to share this with you! We are so excited to announce the launching of our Kickstarter campaign for the Design Your Neighborhood—Toolbox! This is to create the website that will allow teachers and kids around the globe to have the same type of experiences you had with DYN and help to apply it to their own home communities! Thanks for all your help/work and share this page so we can raise the money we need to make this dream into a reality! Check it out!

Help teach students from around the world to see their neighborhoods differently by granting them a chance to advocate for change.

Gary Gaston

You all see this?!

The focal points of Edmondson Park are two newly commissioned works that honor William Edmondson and continue his tradition: major sculptures by the internationally acclaimed, self-taught African-American artists Lonnie Holley and Thornton Dial.

Gary Gaston

Look who made the news!

Edmondson Park dedication is set for today.

Gary Gaston

REMINDER - Oasis Center Design Your Neighborhood session is today at 3:00 pm in the Learning Center space. Hope to see you all there! Gary

Lawanda Bradley

I had such a great time at the DYN Reunion! It was good to catch up with everyone and see your growth. Continue to do great things.

Caleb W Triplett

Thank you DYN for an amazing evening it was so great seeing you all again!!

Emily Kleinfelter

Hey you guys! I have made an event giving the details of the DYN Meet-up we are trying to host. Please go take a look at it and let us know which day (August 4th or August 5th) works best for you! It's from 3:00-7:00pm and you WILL recieve a $50 stipend for your time. And food will be provided! So come on y'all, what are you waiting for? RSVP to the event and come have a blast helping up film the Kickstarter video and catching up with your friends! P.s. Here's another link to the event:

Gary Gaston

Hey everyone! We are looking at additional options for dates - so that everyone - or as many as possible can attend. I am working with Oasis Center now, and hope to email everyone with a list of dates and times for optimal participation. IN addition - I will be able to offer a small stipend for you to attend and participate. It will be $50 for up to 3 hours of your time - and a free meal and snacks!

Kion Sawney

Hello everyone, I'm Kion Sawney, one of the Summer interns for NCDC. We're in the process of planning a reunion with all the participants of Design Your Neighborhood and we'd love to have everyone there. The event will be on Thursday July 24 at the Oasis Center. It'll run from 3pm - 6pm and there will be dinner! If anyone is interested in joining please let us know by Monday, July 21. See you all soon!

Gary Gaston

Hey Everyone - Happy First Day of Spring!!! I just want to let you all know that the Design Center is in the process of creating a national web portal that groups from all across the country can access to offer Design Your Neighborhood programs in their communities! Please take a minute to give us an update on what you are doing now - and what your upcoming summer 2014 plans are. We would love to catch up sometime this summer and maybe get you to participate in some video shorts for the website.

Stephanie McCullough shared Metro Arts (Metro Nashville Arts Commission)'s photo to the group: Design Your Neighborhood.

I thought you guys would like to see there as been significant progress in Edmonson Park. The Arts Commission has committed money to have these gentlemen design a piece or two for the park YOU GUYS helped design.

Artists Dan Dial, Lonnie Holley and Richard Dial at Edmondson Park historic sign. #arts #nashville #publicart

Gary Gaston

Greetings All! Happy 2nd Year anniversary of our Design Your Neighborhood program!!! Can you believe it's been over 2 years? Anyway, look forward to an email from me soon related to DYN, and a chance to follow-up with each of you related to what you are doing now. In the meantime, here is an opportunity through Oasis Center and MTA for those of you still in High School

The MTA Youth Action Team is an organized group of diverse high schools students who use their voice and skills to increase youth ridership for Nashville MTA. They serve as youth ambassadors, help identify key transportation issues for youth, develop action strategies for change, and partner with ca...

Caleb W Triplett Hey guys Caleb here, I've entered the Mary Mary singing spotlight competition and I need your help and the help of your friends to win. Go to the link above to vote for me! Spread the word! Thank You!!

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Gary Gaston

We would still like to get some interviews with you guys as a follow-up 1 year anniversary to DYN last summer. What times might work for you??? Miss Carolyn can do them this week. I know ya'll start school tomorrow! How about after school either Thursday or Friday???

Lawanda Bradley

Hey, hey, hey!!!!! I am soooo excited about our reunion on Friday, July 20, 2012. I hope everyone is able to come out. I miss you guys and look forward to seeing each one of you!!