Internship and Fellowship Opportunities


Internship Areas of Focus


Architecture/Urban Design/Landscape Design

This position is for individuals who are enrolled or recent graduates of an accredited design program. Work includes: neighborhood design projects, community open space and school playground revitalization, residential development, and NCDC’s ongoing work with the Cumberland Riverfront master plan. Proficiency in Adobe Design Suite is required.

Communications/Grant Writing/Public Relations

This position will provide assistance with efforts to write and develop grants for capacity building and future NCDC projects. Furthermore tasks will involve coordinating and promoting NCDC’s public education programs and assisting with reports, media campaigns and other outreach efforts. Work includes: writing press releases, creating email marketing and advertising materials, contributing to the website/blog, and updating social networking sites. Candidates should possess strong writing and verbal skills. This intern will work closely with the graphic design/ marketing intern. Interested persons should have in-depth knowledge of mass communications, and possess strong writing and verbal skills.

Environmental Science/Sustainability

NCDC works with several organizations and companies that are committed to making Nashville a more sustainable and energy efficient city. This internship position would include researching and writing environmental case studies, developing and maintaining partnerships with other organizations, and participating in green initiative in Nashville. Candidates should show a passion for environmental issues, and possess strong writing and verbal skills.

Marketing/Graphic Design

This position involves assisting with the design and development of public reports/case studies, marketing materials, and advertisements. In addition, the intern’s work will include maintenance of the NCDC website and recommending ways to increase NCDC’s presence on the internet. Additional responsibilities include updating the NCDC blog and social networking sites. This intern will work with all staff members in the promotion of NCDC events, but will coordinate specifically with the communications/public relations intern. Proficiency in Adobe Design Suite is required.

Social Media/Website/Photography/Film

This position involved assisting with design and development of the newly created NCDC website. The NCDC also requires organization of its photographic database, including scanning, color correcting, and maintenance of print quality and lo-resolution imagery. This person may also be involved with creating films and podcasts, and editing and promoting videos through online media (Vimeo and Youtube). In addition, this person will have the opportunity to act as the NCDC’s photographer at special events and public programs. Familiarity with Adobe Design Suite is beneficial.

Urban Planning/Community Development

This position is for individuals interested in the fields of urban planning, public policy, and community development. Work includes: researching design initiatives, writing case studies and reports, historical research for projects. NCDC is committed to engaging citizens in the planning process and incorporating public ideas into its final plans. Interested persons should have in-depth knowledge in urban planning concepts and practices, and possess strong writing and verbal skills.

Fellowship Opportunities


Fellowships with the Nashville Civic Design Center are awarded to design and research professionals who, through a partnership with the Nashville Civic Design Center, are provided the opportunity to develop a variety of projects in the spirit and theme of the Mission of the NCDC. Fellows are expected to exhibit excellence in their past endeavors, and are considered ambassadors for the NCDC within the Nashville community.
Design Fellow projects must facilitate the implementation of the 10 Principles as outlined in The Plan of Nashville,  and have a real impact on Nashville communities. Fellowships vary greatly, but they include the opportunity to publish and/or exhibit the findings of the work. In many instances, primary authorship of the published work will be granted to the Fellow.  A stipend is typically provided for all Fellowships. 

Anyone interested in a Fellowship should be familiar with NCDC projects and programs and be willing to participate in our monthly programs. 

For more information contact:

Mike Thompson

Project and Evaluation Coordinator

Internship Opportunities


The Nashville Civic Design Center offers part-time and full-time internship opportunities throughout the year. The intern's main responsibility is to provide design, research and administrative assistance for the Center's current projects.

The Civic Design Center's staff works closely with individuals to tailor each internship to fit the applicants interests and talents. Interns will have the opportunity to participate in multiple areas within the Design Center's office, including work in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, graphic design, mass media, community development, environmental sustainability, marketing/communications, volunteer coordination and fundraising.

Recommended computer skills are Adobe Design Suite, sketch-up and MS Office. Anyone interested in urban studies and design are strongly encouraged to apply. Interns are expected to devote a minimum of 15-20 hours per week during the school year, but schedules are flexible. All positions are unpaid, though some local university programs offer course credit for participation.

Applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with The Plan of Nashville and the Nashville Civic Design Center's mission and past work before interviewing.

To apply for an internship position, email resume and cover letter to:

Mike Thompson

Project and Evaluation Coordinator