Curriculum Overview

Source: LEAD Academy Freshman Seminar  


Community Design 101 is a curriculum that includes activities for classrooms of grades 5-12.  The activities engage youth with the world around them through a lens of the core question: How does the shape that we give to our city, in turn, shape us?

The content is based on the Nashville Civic Design Center's books The Plan of Nashville: Avenues to a Great City, and Shaping the Healthy Community: The Nashville Plan.  The activities best align with the standards and goals of World and Human Geography, Government and Civics, Visual Arts, and Freshman Seminar courses. 

The videos below show a teacher testimonial, and student led showcase that were a result of the curriculum being taught in a Freshman Seminar class at LEAD Academy High School.



Please click here to complete a short survey to download the Community Design 101 Curriculum Guide first, as it will give you more information about the curriculum and individual activities.  

Then, download the activities that you wish to use.  NCDC has direct support for educators who wish to use the curriculum, so please contact us if you are interested:


Activities Outline

Neighborhood Identity Activity
Neighborhood Identity Activity Guide
      Text: "A Nashville for Everyone"
      Text: "For Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, We Must Have Cities"
      Text: "From Nowhere to Somewhere"
   Timeline Activity
      Timeline Activity Guide
      Level 1 Nashville Timeline Images
      Level 2 Nashville Timeline Images 
      Level 3 Nashville Timeline Images
      Text: "Nashville Past and Present"
   Neighborhood History
Neighborhood History Activity Guide

   Map Your Neighborhood

      Map Your Neighborhood Activity Guide
      Sample Video
   What is Community Design?
Powerpoint: What is Community Design?
   Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Activity Guide
      Text: "STHC Transect Chapter"
   Story Map Activity
Story Map Activity Guide
      Neighborhood Map Legends
      Text: "Transect Zones Introductions"
      Map: Core Transect - Downtown Nashville
      Map: Urban Transect - Chestnut Hill
      Map: Suburban Transect - Madison
      Map: Rural Transect - Scottsboro
      Sample Video
   Neighborhood Analysis Activity
Neighborhood Analysis Activity Guide
      Text: "STHC Transect Chapter"
   Street Design
      Street Design Activity Guide
      Text: "The Complete Street: Theory and Practice"
      Sample Video
   Neighborhood Design Charrette
      Ideal Neighborhood Design Charrette Activity Guide
      Text: "The 20-Minute Neighborhood"
      Sample Video

   Housing Search Activity
Housing Search Activity Guide
      Text: "Housing For All
      Text: "Tough, Tiny Chestnut Hill Works to Stay Affordable"
      Text: "Aging in the Place We Call Home"
      Text: "Cleveland Park: Displacement on Steroids"
      Text: "STHC Urban Chapter - Housing"
      Text: "Mixed-Income Plan Could Lift Nashville Public Housing"
      Text: "Envision Cayce Masterplan"

   Community Advocate Scavenger Hunt Activity
Community Advocate Scavenger Hunt Activity Guide
      Text: "NashVitality Movement"
      Text: "Tough, Tiny Chestnut Hill Works to Stay Affordable"
   Youth Voice Project Introduction
      Youth Voice Project Introduction Guide
   Youth Voice Project
      Youth Voice Project Guide
      Text: "Plan of Nashville Chapter - Citizen Planners: Documenting the Process"
      Sample Video: Rowan Frieberg
      Sample Video: Javari Henderson
   Career Paths
      Career Paths PowerPoint
      Go Build Tennessee