CityThink: Nashville "Fit" City?

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CityThink: Nashville

Nashville, a.k.a. "Music City," is becoming so much more than just a hub for musicians. New businesses, developments, event spaces, tourist attractions, parks, and more are creating another identity, the "It" city. But is it the "Fit" City too?

As cities decisions are becoming more and more driven by data and analysis, it is important to look in depth at some of the data resources available. At this CityThink, Don Kintner will talk about the American Fitness Index and how Nashville compares to other cities. The American Fitness Index compares the "fitness" level of cities across the country based on a variety of factors.

Mike Thompson will be discussing the importance of local data, and data-sets such as the 500 Cities Project, WalkScore, and more.

About the Speakers

Don Kintner - Trevecca Nazarine University - Professor, Psychology

Mike Thompson - Nashville Civic Design Center - Research Fellow