Amazing #TransitChallenge: Earth and Recordstore Day!

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Amazing #TransitChallenge: Earth and Recordstore Day!

Welcome to the Transit Now Nashville “Transit Challenge 2018”! On April 21st, we are celebrating both Earth Day & Recordstore day at the same time. We at Transit Now Nashville are challenging you to enjoy this beautiful day, reduce your carbon footprint while by utilizing different modes of transit on your adventure to various record stores.

This is a simple challenge built off of pictures of your experience throughout the day. We have listed all of the record stores participating in record store day. We challenge you to visit as many stores as you can, complete as many missions as possible, earn points for each picture and question you get correct.


How to Join the Challenge:

Step 1: Download Actionbound app from your app store
Or  use the link and download the app

Step 2: Find our event by searching Nashville Transit
or scanning the QR code with the apps scan code reader

Step 3: Follow the instructions and have fun

How To Compete in the Challenge:

Use the app to pick which participating record store you want to attend

Pick your transportation mode. You can use multiple modes throughout the day

  • Bus System
  • Bike
  • Walking
  • Carpooling
  • Rideshare with 2+ riders (not including driver)

Download the “Transit App” to help you get around town quickly

Complete as many missions as you are able to. You will receive points for each mission you complete.


Don't forget to @transitnow on instagram and use #transitchallenge