CityThink is a monthly lunch program discussing current urban design topics throughout Nashville. These programs are open to the public and take place at NCDC 's office. CityThinks are used to get feedback about development throughout Nashville, and to help envision how to make a more beautiful city.

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CityThink: Capping the Interstate

CityThink: Capping the Interstate

There is limited space for this event, RSVP required.

Cities across the US are revisiting the functionality of interstate highways in downtown areas to better connect neighborhoods bisected from mid-century infrastructure. Areas with existing interstates below the grade of a city’s primary street grid have the potential to be capped with a more functional addition, reconnecting the two sides of the interstate. Most examples accomplish this by creating a new public space, in the form of a park, or by constructing a larger bridge to accommodate new liner buildings.

Join NCDC and Vanderbilt University students to learn about the possibilities for capping the interstate in Nashville, and the feasibility of the projects throughout the downtown loop.


Gary Gaston will introduce the topic, looking at NCDC’s past work and rendering of how a highway can help connect neighborhoods in Nashville. This will be followed by the students presenting their work on the feasibility of the project, as well as detailed plans of the the potential park on top of the highway.

In their project, Vanderbilt engineering students will:

  1. Analyze existing design concepts
  2. Explore best practices and applicable projects
  3. Identify feasibility to all possible locations
  4. Determine and design structural components
  5. Create detailed plans and section drawings

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