Traffic Calming with TURBO

Traffic Calming with TURBO

Tactical urbanism measures are designed to impact the built environment through low cost, temporary interventions that leave lasting impact. TURBO has been creating these type of installations for about 3 years in Nashville.  

TURBO (Tactical URBanism Orgnizers) was formed in 2014 by a group of individuals, including developers, students and urban activists, that wanted to make a positive change in Nashville's built environment. They saw TURBO as a way to empower neighborhoods. These citizens were tired of hearing about long timelines in neighborhood improvements and felt that they could make a more immediate impact on their communities. After partnering with the Nashville Civic Design Center (NCDC) on their projects they decided they needed the leadership of NCDC and TURBO Nashville became part of NCDC's Reclaiming Public Space Intuitive.  

The 10th Ave S & Lawrence Ave traffic circle project is the second traffic circle that TURBO Nashville has constructed in the 12 South Neighborhood. The first was at the intersection of 15th Ave & Elmwood Ave. These projects came from the Belmont-Hillsboro Neighborhood Association almost 3 years ago. Joe Woolley, a member of the Association, attended the TURBO monthly meeting representing his neighborhood association and their problems. TURBO worked with him on some ideas then approached Metro Public Works with an implementation strategy.  

In spring of 2017 Nashville's first pop-up traffic circle was constructed. Data was collected by Metro Public Works on Elmwood (the cut through street). Speeding traffic on the cut through street was reduced by 75% over the two week test period that the traffic calming installation was up for.  The neighborhood was interested in experimenting with another intersection at 10th Ave S & Lawrence Ave so TURBO set out to create another traffic calming pilot.