Big Payback: Pledging to Participate #MyCityMap

Big Payback: Pledging to Participate #MyCityMap


#MyCityMap is a community activity that works to take people’s experiences and perspectives and turn them into visual maps that can assist in planning the future of cities. This mapping tool was inspired by Design Your Neighborhood youth education curriculum, that aims to educate students about design and how they can make an impact on their neighborhoods. 


Mapping is a key element in public participation. Design of YOUR neighborhood needs your participation in order to best reflect its people, history, and culture.


What we are asking: Create a map of your neighborhood and identify assets (things that you like about your neighborhood) and opportunities (things that should change or could be better)


Where to start: 

1) Take a walk around your neighborhood*

2) When you get home, draw a map on paper of your neighborhood

3) Mark the things you like about your neighborhood (assets) as well as areas you would like to see improved or changed (opportunities)

4) Create a key that explains your different markings (i.e. assets and opportunities, as well as other important parts of your neighborhood). Be creative and have fun!

5) Submit your map using the form below!

*If you can’t take a walk around the neighborhood, maybe explore your neighborhood using Google Maps!


Why now? While many of us are stuck at home during COVID-19--adults, kids, and all--the most universal thing we have been able to do is explore our surrounding neighborhoods. During this time, it is also important to reflect on how the current status of a neighborhood’s design does not lend to equitable exploration due to inaccessible and unsafe infrastructure.


Who can participate: Everyone! We aim to include the widest range of ages as possible, from small children to older adults. Therefore, we acknowledge that some may not be able to hold a pencil, see a piece of paper, or walk around their neighborhoods. So think about volunteering to make a map alongside someone else so that we can visualize their experiences and perspectives! 


Other Ways to Participate:

  1. Get inspiration for #MyCityMap by taking a virtual neighborhood tour with us on May 1st.
  2. Share your neighborhood experiences, and hear from youth voices on why educating everyone on neighborhood issues, engagement, and activism is important by joining us on May 7th for Collaborative Conversations

Donate to our campaign to support Design Your Neighborhood on May 7th (set a calendar reminder here)