Design Challenges

  • Designing Action

    Designing Action is an IDEAS competition to envision the many ways that infrastructure promoting active, healthy-living could accomplish Nashville’s desire to become the “Healthiest City in the Southeast.” Designing Action seeks to encourage the re-imagination of an industrial site along Downtown Nashville’s Cumberland River, with emphasis on creating active spaces for healthy citizens; highlighting alternative sports and related activities.
  • Designing the Healthy Community

    Designing the Healthy Community a site-based collaborative design process that engages multidisciplinary teams to create design concepts for various locations throughout Metropolitan Nashville-Davidson County.

Recent Projects

Access and Livability: Transit-Oriented Development, The Franklin Corridor Preview

Access and Livability: Transit-Oriented Development, The Franklin Corridor

As Nashville’s economy and population booms, creating new opportunities for transit will help keep our communities healthy and prosperous. Currently, Nashville is a car-centric city leaving most of its people with the automobile as the only option for transportation. As driving costs, obesity rates, and the median age of the population continue to increase, providing transportation options becomes a priority to ensure public health and continued mobility. 

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