Our Shaping Healthy Communities Initiative incorporates rigorous analysis of how different features of our built environment in Nashville and Tennessee impact the health of those living, working, and visiting the local community. Our research has narrowed these features into six primary factors:

1.  Transportation
2.  Open Space & Parks
3.  Housing
4.  Food Resources
5.  Walkability & Pedestrian Safety
6.  Neighborhood Design & Development

To learn more on the impact of the built environment on public health, view and download the Making Healthy Places publication.  More helpful resources on the intersection of city planning and public health can be found on the American Planning Association website, and the Tennessee Department of Health's Healthy Places page.

Some of the neighborhood studies used to classify different areas, and create the case studies throughout the Shaping the Healthy Community: The Nashville Plan include:

Overview of the Neighborhood Studies

Rolling Mill Hill & The Rutledge Hill Neighborhood Findings And Recommendations

Edgehill Neighborhood

Lafayette Neighborhood

Wedgewood Houston Neighborhood


Recent Projects

Alleyways of Nashville

Alleyways of Nashville

This publication shows some of the strategies that alley programs internationally have implemented in their work. Some have environmental benefits such as replacing asphalt with a more pervious material to collect water; while others have benefits for improving people's safety and perception of alleys such as providing lighting and visibility. Adopting even a few of these strategies could help transform alleys in Nashville which could becomes more active and prosperous. Most of these strategies require low maintenance, but it is important to take advantage of public space as a canvas for programming social activity. 

Fairgrounds Public Meetings Report

Fairgrounds Public Meetings Report

The Nashville Civic Design Center was asked by Mayor David Briley and the Fairgrounds Nashville Board of Directors, to facilitate a series of public meetings with the Fairgrounds Design Team, to get input in order to inform a more refined version of the Fairground Improvement Plan.

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