The publication of The Plan of Nashville was not an end point, but rather just the beginning. Through the PON Initiative, NCDC is continually striving to elevate the design of our city and the surrounding communities. The resulting goal of the PON Initiative is threefold:

  1. Establish, based on the 10 Principles and with support of community participation, long-term visions and policies to guide current and future development in Nashville.
  2. Build upon The Plan of Nashville by establishing processes to assess the quality of our built environment, both individual buildings and holistic community planning.
  3. Increase public awareness and understanding of the physical environment through on-going community participation and education.

Towards this end, NCDC partners with planners, architects, designers, students, and the public across Nashville and beyond to advocate for and implement best practices in community design that re-knits our city.

NCDC also hosts regular events for professionals and community members throughout Nashville and Middle Tennessee to present and discuss topics presented throughout The Plan of Nashville. These events bring awareness to the importance and impacts of community design, and inform citizens how to advocate for better designed communities. To learn more and see upcoming events, visit our events page.

The Design Center is also currently engaging in neighborhood based design work through community design challenges, the Neighborhood Assessment Toolkit, and community visioning sessions.

Recent Projects

Alleyways of Nashville

Alleyways of Nashville

This publication shows some of the strategies that alley programs internationally have implemented in their work. Some have environmental benefits such as replacing asphalt with a more pervious material to collect water; while others have benefits for improving people's safety and perception of alleys such as providing lighting and visibility. Adopting even a few of these strategies could help transform alleys in Nashville which could becomes more active and prosperous. Most of these strategies require low maintenance, but it is important to take advantage of public space as a canvas for programming social activity. 

Fairgrounds Public Meetings Report

Fairgrounds Public Meetings Report

The Nashville Civic Design Center was asked by Mayor David Briley and the Fairgrounds Nashville Board of Directors, to facilitate a series of public meetings with the Fairgrounds Design Team, to get input in order to inform a more refined version of the Fairground Improvement Plan.

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