Neighborhood Assessment Toolkit

Neighborhood Assessment Toolkit

The Neighborhood Assessment Toolkit (NAT) is a Nashville specific development resource designed for neighborhood organizations, associations, and individuals when presented with local design and development opportunities. As a tool towards education and active citizenship, the NAT offers local communities a greater voice in determining the future of their locale.

The NAT contains resources to:

  • Create neighborhood and parcel level assessments;
  • Outline neighborhood priorities;
  • Score new development against the 10 Principles from The Plan of Nashville;
  • Provide a means in which to outline and constructively communicate local feedback on incoming development projects.

Recognizing that similar resources are now more than a decade old, the NAT intends to affirm equitable, participatory, and community-based planning and design across all areas of Nashville, while acknowledging the unique histories and cultures present throughout the city.

By providing this resource for communities to engage thoughtfully with these issues early in the development process, NCDC intends for more holistically mindful development that builds towards a healthier and cohesive city for all.


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