Reclaiming Public Space

Placemaking: Challenges + Opportunities in Metro Nashville Preview

Placemaking: Challenges + Opportunities in Metro Nashville

The Project for Public Spaces, on their organization’s web site, asks “what if we built our communities around places?” They then go on to define Placemaking as “both an overarching idea and a hands-on approach for improving a neighborhood, city, or region, Placemaking inspires people to collectively reimagine and reinvent public spaces as the heart of every community.  Strengthening the connection between people and the places they share, Placemaking refers to a collaborative process by which we can shape our public realm in order to maximize shared value.  More than just promoting better urban design, Placemaking facilitates creative patterns of use, paying particular attention to the physical, cultural, and social identities that define a place and support its ongoing evolution.”

Each team asked the questions “could the spaces proposed improve pedestrian, bicycle, and street connectivity?  Could they maintain and/or strengthen street and/or bike and pedestrian connections depending on the site?”  The intent was to promote walkable, bike-friendly environments and access to transit, with particular attention to providing connections between the proposed spaces and surrounding neighborhoods.

2nd - 4th Ave Underpass Skatepark Preview

2nd - 4th Ave Underpass Skatepark

Around the globe – and especially in the US where our national highway system has penetrated nearly every major city – local governments, state departments of transportation, and even private organiza-tions are experimenting with transforming the quality of space found beneath and near interstate over-passes. Areas typically designed for cars are receiving face-lifts, and occasionally, new programmatic uses. Enhancements to these types of bridges and overpasses range from minor treatments to intense renovation and reconstruction like the proposed skatepark. 

Reclaiming Public Space: Accessing our Streets Preview

Reclaiming Public Space: Accessing our Streets

The goal of evaluating public access to roads in Nashville is to create an awareness of various road restrictions caused by situations such as construction and special events and how such occurrences affect the public. The proposals presented are intended to inform, improve, and reclaim various spaces to improve the convenience and safety of walking, cycling, and using public transit in a shared road space.

Casa Azafran Park Preview

Casa Azafran Park

This publication was a suggestion for the adjacent parcels to the Casa Azafran Community Center on Nolensville Road. It examines three different properties that would serve several purposes for the surrounding community.


Seeding Spaces Preview

Seeding Spaces

Seeding Spaces is a publication examining the state of urban agriculture in Nashville

Reclaiming Public Space In Downtown Nashville Preview

Reclaiming Public Space In Downtown Nashville

The United States is challenged with the highest obesity rates in the world, a sobering fact potentially attributed to an environment lacking effective public open space. We have seemingly shaped an environment where childhood obesity has quadrupled, and 42 percent of Americans are projected to be obese by 2030.

In response to the fact that one in four Nashvillians are obese, our city’s planning practices have shifted towards creating healthier built environments.

Public Art Preview

Public Art

Nashville and Davidson County location study and typology recommendations.

Reclaiming Public Space Preview

Reclaiming Public Space

 Reclaiming Public Space is a project of the Nashville Civic Design Center in partnership with the Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). This study was made possible by a grant from the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration.

Together Making Nashville Green Preview

Together Making Nashville Green

This report presents a set of 16 goals and 71 recommendations ranging from energy conservation to transportation to public participation. The attainment of our ambitious vision for Nashville’s future will require focused implementation on the part of both public and private sec-tors of our city.

Blank Walls Preview

Blank Walls

Looking at the potential of blank walls around downtown Nashville.