Letter to the Mayor: Nashville

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Letter to the Mayor: Nashville
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This compilation of letters from architects to the Mayor of Nashville about some of the most pressing issues in Nashville serves to continue the dialogue between the City of Nashville and architects worldwide. These letters are part of the Letters to the Mayor series by Storefront for Art and Architecture.

The project "Letters to the Mayor" was initiated in 2014 by Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York, and has now been replicated in more than 15 cities around the world with Nashville being the first US city outside of New York to participate. Letters to the Mayor: Nashville invites a selected group of local and international architects to write a letter to the Mayor of Nashville. 

This publication includes the letters from the exhibit in Nashville, as well as comments from the curators, artists, and more.  It also includes photographs and quotes from the gallery opening featuring Nashville's Mayor, which included a discussion based on some of the questions and comments in the letters to the Mayor.


Thank you to our project sponsor, TMPartners, for supporting the Letters to the Mayor: Nashville gallery and publication.


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