Nashville's Boathouse

Connecting Community to the Cumberland

Nashville's Boathouse
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The vision for Nashville’s Riverfront is one that is aimed towards defining and enhancing the unique cultural identity of Music City, USA. As a thriving commercial and industrial district, Nashville’s focus on providing a vibrant waterfront experience for all has recently been bolstered by newly-constructed or renovated landmarks. These projects include the expanded Riverfront Park and Ascend Amphitheater, First Tennessee Park, and residential and commercial development on Rolling Mill Hill. This evolving built landscape in the downtown area is accented and accompanied by Nashville’s central natural feature, the Cumberland River. Despite the growth happening throughout downtown that has served to draw residents and visitors alike to the city’s core, there has been little progress made towards placing Nashvillians back on the water. Establishing a focal point, an object of recreation, community, and sport – which enhances the experience not only along the river, but also on the river – will create a consistent attraction for all of Nashville to utilize. The development of a Nashville Boathouse will strengthen the riverfront identity of a city that has long called the Cumberland River Basin home.

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